Fast Fibres Poetry 9

Price: 15.00 NZD
Poetry by Jue Pitman-Hayes, Shelley Arlidge, Vaanipriya Diwan, Ann-Marie Houng Lee, John Geraets, Arthur Fairley, Tracie Lark and many more. Edited by Piet Nieuwland and Olivia Macassey

Fast Fibres Poetry 8

Price: 15.00 NZD
Poetry (80 pages) from Vaughan Rapatahana, Kirsty Powell, Michael Giacon, Bob Orr, Wes Lee, Jac Jenkins, Shelley Arlidge, Maggie Buxton, and many more

Fast Fibres Poetry 7

Price: 10.00 NZD
Poetry by 51 contributors including June Pitman, Kirsty Powell, Ann-Marie Huong Lee, Maggie Buxton, Murray Edmond, Naomi Sioux, Arthur Fairley, Tim Howard, Jacqueline Gurney and Malcolm Ford edited by Piet Nieuwland and Olivia Macassey