Acts of kindness 1 June 2022

FLASH FRONTIER: Thunder March 2022

Morning in Kaikohe and painting Wind


In pohutukawa

Hokianga singularities

NZ POETRY SHELF November 2021

On Egretta sacra in descent

The peninsula post

LOVE in the TIME of COVID 2020

Vulnerable & 2 paintings Karma of Birds

NZ Given Words 2020

Weather report

Taj Mahal Review Volume 20 Number 1. June 2020

The luminous plasma

Jewel points

OTOLITHS Autumn 2020

In exponential times

We enter the

Kia tupato

A Fine Line Autumn 2020


An indium morning

Remember the numbering of clouds

With unspoken questions

EROTHANATOS Volume 4 Issue 1 2020

Beyond joy

Yellow beats of moon drum

Another x.y degrees rise

A ying yang sacrifice

On transitive algorithmic pathways

In the augmented reality of our day at the beach

Catalyst 16 Wireless Compassion

When the sky is eclipsed

Sky Island Journal #11 2020

Beneath the Silence of Light

OTOLITHS Spring 2019

The dive falls

Sing here

Antarctic Poetry Exhibition 2019

The Melting Sky

Erothanatos Volume 3 Issue 3 2019

Points of No Return


The Sky Explodes

Extra Seconds of Light

At Sagaing

PRIDE 7 Deadly Sins Vol.7 

The variety of human voting

Flash Frontier April 2019: LOVE


Erothanatos Vol. 3 Issue 2

And yolo doves

Glissades in glissando series

    Sattva guna (mode of goodness)

    Samara (cycle of repeated birth and death)

    Raja guna (mode of passion)


At Puwera

Wild Word #36 Its a kind of magic

Watching the sky speak

Open to the world

On the wing of light

ENVY 7 Deadly Sins Vol.6

A Parade on Oriental

Otoliths Southern Summer 2019

The way


Wrath 7 Deadly Sins Vol.5 2019

The next thing that I saw

Sonic Boom 13 2018

Flight 238

Mojave River Review fall-winter 2018

In the memory of earth

Sky Island Journal 6 2018

The alluvial sky


Blue Fifth Review Spring 2018

Occupying the Lifestyle Wars

RevuePost2 2018

Genius loci

Lunch Ticket 2017

Pacific hypergirls go strut

Geometry 3 2018


Cordite Mathematics 2017

Clotted clouds

Otoliths 2017

With light pouring

Mojave River Review 2017

About to mean

As many as that

The Quagga 2018

Nga Ikawai

Blue Fifth Review Spring Quarterly 2017

Humid over Kaikoura Island

Lust Seven Deadly Sins Vol.1 2018

Evening wind cools

Gluttony 7 Deadly Sins Vol.2 2018

A River

Greed 7 Deadly Sins Vol.3 2018


Pure Slush Vol.15 Happy 2018

Long Beat

Pure Slush Vol.14 Inane 2017

Next to Te Uru

Pure Slush Vol.12 Summer 2016


Blue Fifth Review 2015

The sea of darkness

DOC Conservation Blog National Poetry Day 2013

Kauri Mountain Kiwi Coast Ngati Korora

Blue Fifth Review 2013

Its Cool in Katoomba

Flashmob 2013

Its Cool In Katoomba

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