PARIHAKA and MANAIA exhibition at KiwiNorth, Maunu Road, Whangarei

Parihaka & Manaia, an exhibition of historical and contemporary stories

Includes 'Without name or history' and 'Coat' by Piet Nieuwland

OTOLITHS Spring 2022

With Veronica Channel

The Spiral Lattice 

SLOGANOFF, HANGAR GALLERY, Fringe Whangarei 2022

Whangarei Fringe Festival 2022

Finalist in NZ Given Words 2022

Matariki is

It is not what Papatuanuku can do for you

But what you can do to help Papatuanuku

The pressure of our hands upon the earth

laying a predatory cat to rest under a thankful kohekohe seedling

chickens nesting a clutch of fertile eggs

your eyes full of the long summer

amongst the warrior trees flexing in the changing wind

when we walk down the road

as a different shade of sky folds over

and the blue distance draws near shadows

of clouds over the oceans heart beating

with the velocity of our dreams

and certain rivers swollen by misfortune

accelerating towards tipping points

with the scent of history lingering

like the fires of discontent

when we know everything is global, everything

in the turbid flux of slow falling fine humid rain



Landing Poster at Wynyard Quarter Auckland June 2022

National Flash Fiction Day: Languages of Aotearoa Poster

CORDITE 105: No Theme 11


Includes my drawing WAIMA

Matatuhi Taranaki Vol.2 No.1 Morning in Kaikohe

Poetry New Zealand Yearbook 2022

Review of "As light into water" by Vaughan Rapatahana in NZ Poetry Society Journal

Review of Nga Wai Ripo|Swirling Waters

As light into water by Piet Nieuwland available now

My new book of poetry published January 2021 by Cyberwit OCTOBER2021

About Piet Nieuwland

Poetry is not a luxury, it is a necessary part of the creativity of every day.  


Piet Nieuwland has poems and flash fiction appear in numerous print and online journals published in New Zealand, Australia, United States of America, Canada, India and Germany.


He is a performance poet, edits Fast Fibres Poetry and lives near Whangarei.


In a previous life he worked as a conservation strategist for Te Papa Atawhai in Aotearoa/New Zealand 


He welcomes email contact at